So I went to that fibro support group tonight… It was terrible and wonderful all at the same time.

The first bit was rough. I was the youngest in the group so I sat and listened as women introduced themselves and told us all how they’ve been sick and in pain for 30, 40+ plus years… They were all diagnosed around my age or younger. So I was very literally face to face with the fact that I’m most likely going to suffer with this sickness and pain for the rest of my life. That was rough… But I didn’t cry. The other new member did though when it was her turn. And I cried with her…

The rest of group was pretty nice. The topic this month was “what’s in your tool box”. They had been off for two months due to weather and what not so it was almost a welcome back/basics day. We listed ways to manage pain/stress, and avoid a “monkey wrench” in our lives. I heard some new things I hadn’t before, realized I really should reexamine my “sleep hygiene”, and decided it MIGHT be worth a second look at a therapist… Maybe monthly. They all seemed to stress it.

Then, since it was a welcome back group, they did a presentation of the spoon theory and gave everyone a beautiful silver spoon with a ribbon and butterfly… All different shapes and sizes :)

Long story short, I’ll be going back. (Apparently there are some younger people in the group and maybe they’ll show up when school is back.)

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