I was thinking earlier, I’m not sure chronic illness is isolating in and of itself, I think it’s often people’s lack of understanding surrounding illness that makes you feel so freaking alone. Sometimes the lack of empathy is more unbearable than the symptoms themselves, like you’re living in a state that is so entirely foreign and inconceivable to most people and it’s just utterly alienating.

Yesterday… While having an awful pain day that started bad and just kept getting worse, I continued to go to my classes (because policy here is if you miss three you fail although I do have some accommodations…).

Anyways. I have my service animal lumpy with me, and some guy comes up after math class while I’m mentally preparing myself to put my heavy backpack back on my back… and he asks why I have him. Because, you know. Having chronic illness makes your medical history automatically everyone else’s business. So I told him I have chronic illness. He kept pushing. I said fibro, autoimmune disease, and secondary illness from that.

His response was, “So the NOT serious versions cancer or aids.”

I couldn’t even speak. He walked away and another guy started talking to me as I put my sunglasses on tried my hardest not to cry. The day I was having, and how hard I was working to go to class anyways and then some random kid says such a mean, ableist thing…

Worst day of college so far. And that’s not even the half of it.